Established in California since 2011 and based in Miami-Florida since 2017, OTB is a trading company that works with different kinds of products sold for personal uses, businesses or government purposes. In contemporary times, Trade Companies buy a specialized range of products, with better negotiation, and coordinate delivery of products to customers.

Trade Companies shall connect buyers and sellers, but not partake in the ownership or storage of goods, earning their revenue through sales commissions. They may also be structured to engage in commerce with foreign countries or territories.

When talking about “Trade Companies”, today we refer mainly to global B2B Traders, highly specialized in one goods category and with a strong logistic organization.

Our difference is that OTB do not only work with a specific product, but a variety of products, systems and consumables for different customers according to their needs, with faster and safer distribution.

Our main businesses segments are Brazilian Government Research Organizations (Universities and Institutions), assisting in the acquisition of products with best quality and price, and with all necessary documentation to meet the Brazilian legislation.

Our partner in Brazil is LUNUS Comércio e Representação Ltda, that does the support on Brazilian side. For more information about our partner in Brazil, click the link:



  • Mission
    • Offer our customers a competitive price through solid partnerships with excellence and professionalism in services.

  • Vision
    • To be a reference for Foreign Trade Companies through continuous improvement, versatility in products, meeting the unique needs of each client.

  • Values
    • Ethics
    • Transparency
    • Reliability
    • Respect for everyone, inside and outside the company